Today’s Mobile Tech Podcast: Episode 18- Third Times The Charm?

Welcome back to our number #18 Podcast. Join Jeremy & Larry as we chart our way back to the top of the podcasting charts. We start this week episode off with our “Today’s News” segment where we talk about us getting back into the swing of things. Next we jump right into the topic of what we have been up to since the last time we podcasted. Lastly we go into a  deep talk about The State Of Mobile.

News of the week

1. Todays Mobile Tech Is Back!

Topic Of The Week-  “The State Of Mobile”

We are Podcasting from A iPad Pro  thanks to Bossjock Studio

We recorded this podcast on January 2nd , 2016. Stay tune for a new schedule as we get more secure with our workflow and general way of doing things. We would Love to hear from you. Please send us feedback at! Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or your podcasting tool of choice. Thanks for listening and we will see you next week!!!

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