The Power Of Apps Podcast- Episode 8

We are back for our number #8 episode of The Power Of Apps Podcast. Jana is back( stop the mean letters : ).We have a ton of news this week on the news side. Lastly we jump right  into our Genre,Niche, & Miscellaneous apps of the week.

App News of the week

1. Hearing Aid App Coming Soon

2. Pager App will bring doctors to your doorstep

3. An App can help find Skin Cancer 

4. Simplicity is the best feature of the new Litely photo editing app

5. Adobe Voice App For iOS Has Launched

6. United Airlines lets you use your own mobile device to watch their movies in the air

7. iBeacons  are coming to a store near you 


Genre App Of The Week-Sonic Allstar Racing Transformed & Angry Bird Go   Jana comes back with vengeance on the eve of Mario Kart 8 being released on the Wii U. Jana finds some really awesome kart racers in the app stores to give her what she needs to feed her speed itch. Sonic Allstar Racing Transformed iOS & Android .Angry Bird Go iOS & Android

Niche App Of The Week- Web Page Creator For iOS-HTML Egg  Larry  goes back to his roots in web programming and finds an amazing app that allows you to create websites from the confront of your mobile device. iOS & Android!!

Miscellaneous App Of The Week- Facetune  Need to make beautiful even more beautiful? Need to tune your face to look like a better face?  Facetune helps you fix that tuning itch! iOS Android

We are Podcasting from A iPad Mini thanks to  Bossjock Studio

We recorded this podcast on  May 8th, 2014. Stay tune for a new schedule as we get more secure with our workflow and general way of doing things. We would Love to hear from you. Please send us feedback at! Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes . Thanks for listening and we will see you next week!!!

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