The Power Of Apps Podcast- Episode 7

We are back for our number #7 episode of The Power Of Apps Podcast. Unfortunately Jana could not join us this week but the show must go on.We have a ton of news this week since last week was so slow on the news side. Lastly we jump right  into our Genre,Niche, & Miscellaneous apps of the week.

App News of the week

1. This is not the iRing you was looking for

2. Play android games on your P.C

3. iMPC Pro coming to the iPad very soon

4. Draw your own game in PixelPress

5. Modern Combat 5 Coming Soon

6. Google Now for Android Knows where you park

7. Google releases stand alone Docs and Sheets apps on iOS & Android

8. Facebook Messenger 5.0 Release with some cool Features

9. Slingshot Wireless Mirroring & Video Conferencing for iOS is out

Genre App Of The Week-Leos Fortune   Jeremy tries his best to impersonate  Jana and talk about her Gorgeous App of the week Leo’s Fortune. A amazing game that you will not believe is running on your iOS device. Leo’s Fortune for IOS.

Niche App Of The Week- VidTrim Larry shares an android app favorite he found was priceless when needing to trim video down to a smaller size.  Android  Only !!

Miscellaneous App Of The Week- Todoist  Need to get things done? Need to do some todo’s? Todoist is the app for you! Todoist for  iOS Android

We are Podcasting from A iPad Mini thanks to  Bossjock Studio

We recorded this podcast on  May 1st, 2014. Stay tune for a new schedule as we get more secure with our workflow and general way of doing things. We would Love to hear from you. Please send us feedback at! Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes . Thanks for listening and we will see you next week!!!

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