The Power Of Apps Podcast- Episode 6

We are back for our number #6 episode of The Power Of Apps Podcast. We are all apps this week on the podcast, because of the slow news week. We jump right  into our Genre,Niche, & Miscellaneous apps of the week.

App News of the week

1. No App News this Week

Genre App Of The Week-  RBI Baseball  & Puffin Web Browser  Jana plays a little bit of baseball while browsing the web with flash all from her iPad.. RBI Baseball for iOS  (not on android yet) & Puffin Web Browser for iOS & Android

Niche App Of The Week- Music Studio Larry gets back to his music roots again and shows us yet another game changing app on the app store. iOS  Only !!

Miscellaneous App Of The Week- Repix  Don’t have money to invest into photo editing software? Wish you could do some awesome photo edits from your mobile device? Well your wish is Repix command! Repix for  iOS Android

We are Podcasting from A iPad Mini thanks to  Bossjock Studio

We recorded this podcast on  April 24th, 2014. Stay tune for a new schedule as we get more secure with our workflow and general way of doing things. We would Love to hear from you. Please send us feedback at! Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes . Thanks for listening and we will see you next week!!!

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