How We Podcast From An iPad

So you want to know how to podcast from an iPad? Watch this!!

Since our beginning in Jan 2014, Our Mission at has been clear. We want to prove that it is possible to be productive from a mobile device even in careers and interest that are not suitable in some views for mobile.

So when we embarked on a podcast we searched the app store for what was possible and what we found, blew our mind! If you have any interest in doing your own podcast or even just professional audio recording, do yourself a favor and take a look at this vid!

Tools Used

1. Headphone splitter
2. Blue Yetti Mic
3. Lighting to Usb Adapter
4. 2 pair of headphones
5. iPad 2 and above
6. Bossjock App

Special thanks to the creators of the BossJock App!!

Thanks for watching!!

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