Today’s Mobile Tech Podcast: Episode 17- Guess Who’s Back

Welcome back to our number #17 Podcast. Join Jeremy, Larry,  and our newest member Jana as we chart our way back to the top of the podcasting charts. We start this week episode off with our “Today’s News” segment where we talk about us getting back into the swing of things. Next we jump right into the topic of what we have been up to since the last time we podcasted. Lastly we go into a  deep talk about mobile games, mobile productivity, and mobile payments.

News of the week

1. Todays Mobile Tech Is Back!

Topic Of The Week-  Go Mobile Or Go Home

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We recorded this podcast on Feb  4th, 2016. Stay tune for a new schedule as we get more secure with our workflow and general way of doing things. We would Love to hear from you. Please send us feedback at! Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or your podcasting tool of choice. Thanks for listening and we will see you next week!!!

The Future of Mobile Technology

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I’ve seen so much going on in the world of technology that it is really hard to determine where the future is heading . Are we allowing mobile technologist to determine what we want in our future devices? Back in the day there was a time where we would determine what we like and make the request and wait for technology leaders to for meet our needs. That day seems to be long gone. Have they gotten so clever that they are thinking of things ahead of our time? Are the commercials on television shows that we watch planting seeds in our heads to manipulate what we like. There has been a vast number of studies that will prove that technology leaders and media has planted things in front of us to see how will we respond to them. Now that they have this data it has been put to good use. 

Our mobile technology leaders have taken advantage of this information to give us what they think will be the best fit for us at that time. If you think about it, why spend a whole lot of money developing a product or feature in hopes that we like something when nowadays you can go to social media sites to see what has the most hits or likes or what are the most requested videos or common questions people are asking to determine our needs. A perfect example of this would be when a new phone is said to be released. Speculation starts to rise on the topic of the new device.You start to see graphic designers come up with what they think the new phone might look like. Soon you’ll have a whole a lot of comments based on the design or mockup that clearly states the opinion of the designer and what features they think may be included in the new device but all of this information is unofficial.

It is not at all uncommon to leak bits of information to determine the future direction of a project. It has been repeated and over and over during the course of history in music as well as technology. After all, the concept of a smart phone is to do the thinking for you so that’s less work you have to do to retrieve information. Also less things you have to do remember like phone numbers, birth dates, anniversaries and addresses. Smart phones does the reminding for you. Smart phones even go as far is making suggestions for your next meal or planned activities. Overall I feel the direction of mobile technology has advanced and I like the direction it is taking. 

However I do caution people to remember that they have a choice. With the commercials we see on television today it is almost as if we have no choice. We have to get a certain brand from a certain maker otherwise we will not have what we need in order to enjoy our device. I think the most important things in determining which phone to buy is to determine what are you willing to do without and find out if the phone of interest has any restrictions that would limit your enjoyment with the device as most devices carry a lot of the same features. Then compare how well one device does your most important features better than the other device. If you do not have access to the other considered device, use resources like YouTube for video comparisons or reviews before making your decision. One of the most valuable things I like to do is to go to a website that sells the product and read the reviews from real people, not just the description from the maker of the device. Good luck with your next purchase.

Samsung Galaxy 5 Release

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We had a lot to talk about today folks. Introducing the Galaxy S 5. With a ton of new features Samsung is giving the future something to think about. Shipping with the new Android application Kit Kat Samsung Galaxy S 5 will offers to be the biggest release of their flagship phone to date. With a new 16 megapixel camera you should be able to take awesome pictures the highest quality. Better focus meaning faster shoot times boasting a focus time in as little as 0.3 seconds. They also boast video recording what will allow you to post higher quality videos on facebook youtube or any other online video service. Thanks Samsung!